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Hi! I’m Monika Yip and I assisted on multiple films as an art director, background artist, character designer, and more! I decided to work as an assistant instead of a director as I found my niche in the background and designs, so this role allowed me to work on multiple projects in many different styles. All the teams I was a part of taught me so much and I hope you enjoy the final products of our hard work!

“Toadal Take-Back: Road to Hoppiness” By Celina Doubleday

In Toadal Take-Back: Road to Hoppiness, I was the art director, lead background artist, character designer, concept artist, and compositor. I was in charge of curating the visual style, colour script, environments and characters designs for this film. I supervised the other background artists and worked closely with the director to come up with the final look of everything!

Development Work

“Toadal Take-Back: Road to Hoppiness” Final Character Designs

Colour script created, based off of earlier storyboards, for the film to show the transitions of the mood and enhance ambience.

Early style test for the film to figure out brushes, colours, line weight, lighting, textures, etc.


“Me, Myself & the Moon” By Christine Lee

In Me, Myself & the Moon, I was a background artist, character designer, and concept artist. I was in charge of creating background characters, redesigning Bunny, the main character, and doing the classroom and locker backgrounds!

Development Work


“Naughts & Crosses” By Christy Chan

In Naughts & Crosses, I was a UV texture artist. I was in charge of painting UV textures for some buildings, as well as designing and painting the stadium!

Development Work

UV Textures

“The Gourmet” By Curt Gonzaga

In The Gourmet, I was a character designer. I was in charge of creating concepts for a few monsters in the film.

Character Concepts

Monika Yip

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Monika Yip is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator residing in Vancouver, B.C. Her love of creative storytelling and drawing led her to perusing a career in animation. Monika studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design where she specialized in background and concept art.

Outside of art, she really enjoys baking, playing DnD, and practicing latte art.

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