Toadal Take-back: Road to Hoppiness

Celina Doubleday

Duration: 4:02

Media: 2D Digital Animation

Director: Celina Aloquina Doubleday

Art Director: Monika Yip

Logline:  An escape act centuries in the making.

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Comedy

I wanted to create a film that has the same dynamic as a lot of other films I’m drawn to – lighthearted and goofy on the surface with layers of more abstract themes underneath. The film revolves around the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy; wizards condemning a frog who has the potential to destroy the world and attempting to contain him to prevent that. There is an effect generated by simply being present within a space, and because change is an inherent quality in us and the world around us, that space is vulnerable to being changed by us merely being in it. That’s why I threw in some animals trying to kill each other… in that space.

Production Visuals


Composer: Mark Marinic

Narrator, Ferret, Badger, Jerald: Quinn Baanstra

Animators: Celina Doubleday, Ling Wan, Christy Chan, Lorien Allan

Animation Assistants: Tom 8246 🦝, Winona Liao, Kyle Ordanez, Angela Almero, Abigail Diantoro, Pritty Wang, divine_wife, Curt Gonzaga

Concept Artist, Character Designer: Monika Yip

Storyboards: Celina Doubleday

Storyboard Revisionist: Ling Wan

Lead BG Artist: Monika Yip

BG Artists: Maharlika Clomata, Angela Almero, Ling Wan

Sound Designer: Pritty Wang

Compositing: Celina Doubleday, Monika Yip, Amanda Lim

Other grads who worked on this project

Monika Yip

Art Direction, Concept Art, Character Design, Lead BG Artist, Compositing

Angela Almero

Animation Assistant & BG Artist

Amanda Lim


Christy Chan


Curt Gonzaga

Animation Assistant

Celina Doubleday

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Celina Doubleday is a Filipino-Canadian animator based in Vancouver. They studied 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where they focused on hand drawn character animation and comedic, fantasy stories. They’re passionate about fun characters, intricate settings, and well-crafted stories, and are looking forward to joining future animation productions.