Plant Parenthood

Kaede Leitao / Matthew McCormick

Medium: Short Film

Duration: 13:18

Kaede Leitao: Writer, Director, Editor

Matthew McCormick: Writer, Cinematographer, Colourist, Sound Editor



When his desperate chairman threatens to replace him, a plant store manager fixated on plant care over sales must reach his quota before the end of the day.

Artist Statement

Influenced by contemporary American sitcoms, choosing comedy as a genre was the impetus for this project. Specifically, we enjoy comedies set in seemingly mundane and ordinary settings. These contexts often reveal characters that are abundant in their individuality and sparkle.

Our protagonist, Dale, lives as a little fish in a big pond as an employee for a small plant nursery in a big city. The dilemma in this film mirrors many who are beginning their professional journey, oscillating between choosing one’s passion and a statistically financially steady career path. Exploring this notion through our project gave us a space to contemplate this for ourselves. 

Project Stills

Follow Dale’s story as he interacts with the many people in his daily life.



  • Screenwriters — Kaede Leitao, Matthew McCormick
  • Assistant Writer — Harrison Kwantes
  • Character Development — Mara Balyuk
  • Executive Producer — Richard Tran (Trademarked.Agency)
  • Associate Producers — Carlo Ghioni, Harry Killas
  • Casting Assistants — Nyaradzayi Motsi, Gabe Kwok, Christopher Yuen 


  • Dale — Shane Palmer
  • Hayden — Tristan Miura
  • Opal — Jan Chadburn
  • Blair — Sierra Wilson-Furr
  • Barbara — Jaira Brownlee

Opening Credits:

  • Hand Model — Dave Leitao 
  • Gaffer & Camera Operator — Gabe Kwok

Production Crew:

  • Director — Kaede Leitao 
  • Assistant Director — Si Chen 
  • Script Supervisor — Kayla Duong
  • Script Supervisor & Key Hairstylist — Lili Li
  • Production Assistants — Karaina Goulet, Tristan Miura 
  • Cinematography — Matthew McCormick
  • Camera Operator — Thomas Mai 
  • 1st Assistant Camera, Property Master & Hairstylist — Hannah Chang 
  • 2nd Assistant Camera — Emma Shang 
  • Sound Mix & Boom Operator — Christopher Yuen 
  • Gaffer — Justin Mao
  • Grip — Cherry Chan, Ditto Meng 
  • Key Makeup Artist— Paige Passmore 
  • Makeup Artist— Marshie Shkolnik
  • Wardrobe — Leslie Zhang 
  • Set Decorator — Yu Fu (Elaine)
  • Set Photographers — Ivor Sangala, Mara Balyuk 
  • Location — JUSTPLANTS (North Vancouver)


  • Editor — Kaede Leitao
  • Colourist & Sound Editor — Matthew McCormick
  • Sound Mix — Matt Stephanson, Enrique Lopez
  • Sound Assistant — Christopher Yuen 
  • Composer — Ivan Riveros 
  • Foley Artist — Osmar Wong 
  • Foley Assistants — Hannah Chang, Gabe Kwok
  • Source Effects — Westar Music

Special Thanks:

  • Richard Tran
  • Eyra Bojoroquez Borbon
  • Carlo Ghioni
  • Harry Killas
  • Jonathan Tammuz
  • Matt Stephanson
  • Christine Stewart
  • Rafi Spivak

Kaede Leitao

Kaede Leitao is an artist completing her Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Film + Screen Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She gratefully resides on the unceded, current homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations in what is known as Vancouver. Her interests include filmmaking, illustration, painting, and 2D and stop-motion animation. Her works look through a feminine lens, often focusing on themes regarding time and the ephemeral.

Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick is a Vancouver based and educated filmmaker and photographer. Born in Halifax and raised on Vancouver Island his love of technology and equipment inspired his interest and career in film. He is interested in TV, sitcom, sci-fi and other long-form productions, as well as free-lance and commercial production.

Kaede Leitao / Matthew McCormick

Kaede and Matthew are seeking career opportunities. Please contact Kaede at and Matthew at

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