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Cameron Kletke

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Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 2D or Experimental Animation

“Between you and me” is a short experimental film, taking place in several old journals.

This film explores love, life, and my deepest secrets; using materials like oil pastel, paint, receipts, and ink. Make sure to check out these physical journals on display on the first floor of the University, near the side entrance in the FMSA lounge.

Director, Animator, Sound Designer | Duration: 3:42 | Medium: 2D Experimental Animation

Artist Statement

As an avid journal keeper and low-key collector (hoarder), I wanted to create a film that explored personal themes using the journals as a boundary and as my only medium and canvas. By doing so, this film allowed me to experiment with a variety of different materials within the confines of each book, with the end goal of capturing the emotions and experience of entering young adulthood and feeling more comfortable in my skin. Inspired by Amy Kravitz, Grace Nayoon Rhee, and Jeff Scher, I used some rotoscoping techniques and a straight-ahead method, and intuitively worked out the story through the process of experimentation. Using a macro-lens camera and my sweat and tears, this film was created by taking sequential photographs of each page of these journals, while the sound design was created using mouth noises, whispers, and my sick garageband skills.

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Cameron Kletke

Textures + Animation assistants

Andy Gomez

Dylan Campbell

Special Thanks

Lorelei Pepi

Martin Rose

Amin Bhatia

Ruben Moller

Alla Gadassik

Matt Stephanson

Mia Milardo

Chris Strickler + Gil Goletski

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Cameron Kletke

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Cameron Kletke was born in Calgary, Alberta, before moving to Vancouver to pursue a degree in Media Arts majoring in 2D + Experimental Animation. Her art practice touches on themes of finding beauty in monotony through colour and sound. Mainly practising with traditional materials, acrylic paint, pencil crayons, and pen and ink are common tools in her drawings and animations. Cameron has participated in creating experimental films in a recent Rear Window Cinema project, created by curator and Media Scholar Alla Gadassik in conjunction with the Flavourcel Animation Collective, VIVO Media, and Emily Carr University. She has also worked as a character designer, animation TA, freelance artist, and rigging artist for an interactive video game at the start up company, Narratic Labs. Her first film, ‘you feel soft’ (2022) has been screened in New Zealand, Calgary, France, Oklahoma, and other festivals. 

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