Adrienne Desiderio

Duration: 03m 45s

Medium: 2D Digital Animation

Director, Animator: Adrienne Desiderio



Aching and Bloating creatures attached to land complete a uniting cycle of relief from indigestion

Artist Statment

In my animations, I intend to explore the spectacle of my body’s reactive emotions. With contemporaries, I share uncomfortable gut feelings about pessimistic subjects. The reactions to my animations are enjoyable to me. My creative process is driven by ideas and images. I explore the process of reaction by establishing where impulse begins in my body– the torso. The torso shape becomes figures, I place these figures in poses that are simultaneously painful and comfortable. In my animations, I distort the body into a dream-like state. To understand the workflow that I cherish, I develop trust within myself and animation.


  • Director, Animator Adrienne Desiderio
  • Editing Assistant Gabriel “Gabe” Kwok ♥
  • Sound Mix: Matthew “Matt” Stephanson

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Adrienne Desiderio

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Adrienne Desiderio is a Filipino-Canadian, Vancouver based 2D animator. Adrienne works as a freelance character illustrator and animator with multiple clients. Currently Adrienne is working on SONY VFX lead Clara Chan’s Canada Council funded independent film as a Cleanup Animator. Her personal creative work develops abstract projects about the bodily experience of emotions and life. Adrienne is a recent alumni of Emily Carr University of Arts + Design, receiving a Bachelor of Media Arts in the 2D + Experimental Animation major. Her film Pomegranate (2023) is a steppingstone on her path to developing unique stories and visuals in animation

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