Galactic Canine Space Force

Anya Amarillo

A high schooler opens a magical package, unfortunately, it isn’t addressed to him.


Artist Statement

As a teen, I was often embarrassed by my interests and desires, as well as my femininity. In turn, I lied about my favourite colour and would tone down how much I enjoyed my interests in cartoons and anime. As I grew up, I realized that lying about my true self was miserable. 

The interests I once hid are now my greatest inspirations. Themes of love, friendship, self-acceptance, and embracing one’s femininity influence the film so much.  I hope anyone who sees my film could see Ruben’s journey, and feel validated and affirmed in being passionate about their true selves.

Duration: 5:10
Medium: 2D hand animation
Genre: Action, Comedy, Magical Girl
Themes: Friendship, Self-love, and Acceptance


Director,  Anya Amarillo
Production Coordinators, Angela Almero, Amanda Lim
Music Composer, Mark Marinic
Sound Design/Mix Engineer, Matt Whitford, Miguel Ramirez Ahumada
Voice Actors, Cashewsart (Faustus), Tabetha McNeal, Chris Byron
Script Writers, Anya Amarillo, Bailey Martin
Character Designers, Anya Amarillo, Alexis Han
Background Designers, Amanda Lim, James Huang
Layout Artists, Amanda Lim, Allyssa Clemente, Esther Bellefontaine, James Huang
Animators, Anya Amarillo, Allen Khrystenok, Alycia Chan, Angela Zhang, Christy Chan, Lorien Allan, PoizomiX, Pritty Wang, Samantha Hubbell
Clean-up, Anya Amarillo, Alexis Han, Allen Khrystenok, Alycia Chan, Angela Zhang, Christy Chan, Lorien Allan, PoizomiX, Pritty Wang
Colourists, Anya Amarillo, Alayna Y, Lorien Allan, Bailey Martin, Tom 8246 🦝, Vincent Fung, Soph! Su
Compositors, Anya Amarillo, Amanda Lim

Anya Amarillo

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Anya Amarillo is a Filipina Vancouver-based Artist, Having Studied 2D and Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, with a Bachelor of Media Arts. She is currently focused on Storyboarding and rough animation, specifically character acting-based animation. The narrative and character-based cartoons she would watch while growing up in Singapore inspired her to be an artist. She’s striving to work in the children’s/teen media industry so she can inspire new generations of artists.

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