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Brittany 'Angel' Ma

Travelling Show (2023)

Artists Statement:

I live by a railroad track and get stopped by the train often on my commute. When I wait at the tracks, I find myself admiring the graffiti on the carts. They bring colour and fun to an otherwise mundane scenario. I wanted to show my appreciation for this simple pleasure and felt it would work perfectly with the original characters from the television pitch I’ve been working on. I love early-2000’s cartoons with thick line-art and wanted to mix that with my cute, bubbly style to create something that is an amalgamation of shows I liked growing up.

Travelling Show (2023) Trailer

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Brittany ‘Angel’ Ma is an animator and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. She has dedicated herself to studying animation in post-secondary for 5 years and has received a 2d animation and visual development diploma from Capilano University and a Bachelor of Media Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Though she spends a lot of time designing and animating for 2d animated projects, she also enjoys making comics and illustrating in her off-time. She aims to work as a prop and character designer and someday become the show runner of her own original cartoon in the future.

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