Maya Patrich

A short film by Maya Patrich

Duration: 4:17 min

Medium: 2D Digital and Mixed Media Animation



A despondent character struggles to balance self-acceptance and self-loathing when their worst fears manifest in the form of a sickly deer.

Artist Statement

My artistic approach has always centred in storytelling that explores all that is weird, whimsical, and dark. I wanted to explore the anxiety of having to redefine what it is to be ourselves as our bodies and health change in ways we can’t predict, and self-realization occurring through uncontrollable metamorphosis. An animated film is a perfect vehicle to explore metamorphosis, as playing with form and shape is inherent to the medium.

Project Stills


Film by: Maya Patrich

Music & Sound by: Veltlenhill (Thomas Myles Feltenberger)

Special Thanks

  • Ecuad animation Peers of 2023
  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Martin Rose
  • Darren Brereton
  • Leslie Bishko
  • Gil Goletski
  • Christopher Strickler
  • Matt Stephanson
  • Zigzag the cat
  • Gloria Lee
  • Jasmine De Boda
  • Francis De Boda
  • Uzi Patrich
  • Papi + Mami

Maya Patrich

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Maya Patrich is an Argentinian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist and is currently based in Vancouver. They earned their Bachelor of Media Arts while studying 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where they were awarded an entrance scholarship. Their professional experiences include working in VFX for ILM and freelance illustration.

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