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Emily Kao

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Drop by the space between D1375 and D1390, near the 1st Floor East Entrance!

(Or play it at home! Scroll down for details)

Estimated Gameplay Duration: 10:00mins

Medium: 2D Digital, Web Browser Video Game

Director: Emily Kao

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Waking up with no recollection of why she moved to a new town, a young woman turns to her only clue held in her hand, a list of locations.

Artist Statement

Everyone has regrets, but not everyone manages to reverse them even when given the chance. I have my share of regrets, and was given chances to change them, but didn’t because I simply couldn’t. However, being weighed down by regrets isn’t how I wish to live. Through the game, I wanted to explore how people may need help from others to deal with regrets, and that the individual themselves has to be willing to take action. Of course, real life is not as easy as a video game, but I hope that people will live without regrets holding them back.

Game Stills

Play the game now!

*not playable on mobile devices*

*please don’t play in full-screen mode!*

How to Play:

Mouse Left Click – choose options/items

WASD – move

(WS – up/down | AD – left/right)

B – open/close bag

[spacebar] – interact with objects/continue dialogue


★ not playable on mobile devices!

★ works best on Google Chrome, may not be supported on some browsers

★ if the screen is too big, please zoom out of your browser

click on the game screen if you suddenly can’t use the controls!

★ please don’t play in full screen mode!

★ if any other problems occur, please refresh the page or use a link below

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Project Visuals

Building concept art is drawn by Amanda Lim.

Concept Art

In Game Pixel Art


  • Director, Emily Kao
  • Concept Artist, Amanda Lim

Emily Kao

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Emily Kao is a Taiwanese-Canadian 2D animator and game developer based in Vancouver. She studied 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, focusing on 2D hand drawn animation, and branching off to game development. In the future, she hopes to work as a 2D artist in the game industry.

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