The Gourmet

Curt Gonzaga

Duration: 4min 44s

Medium: 2D Digital Animation

Film Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural



Mei and April are two high school girls that are attempting to investigate one of the many myths of their school, specifically “The Gourmet,” which revolves around a student who is rumoured to eat food at an exponential rate.

Artist Statement

With my animated short, The Gourmet (2023), I wanted to create a lighthearted film that everyone could enjoy. I implemented layers of verbal and visual comedy, with spontaneous animation to assist in selling the comedy. I also finished the short with an offset watercolour wash, and included many unconnected lines to replicate this sketch-like finish. I’ve always been drawn to making people laugh, and that’s why I chose to create something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is just a fun watch! The story follows the frivolous banter of two friends that believe they are investigating something huge in their school, and it’s full of visual gags that are built from strong inspirations of anime and other cartoons.

Project Stills


Director: Curt Gonzaga

Composer: Jeralyn Magantino

Sound Design: Jeralyn Magantino, Curt Gonzaga

Voice Actors:

  • Mei – Weiwei Wu
  • April – Yuliya Yugay
  • Jun – Kayson Lam
  • Jake – Jonathan Chen
  • Voice of the Hallway – Kyle Cempron

Layout and Background: Angela Almero, Christian Bolos, Kayson Lam, James Huang, Alayna Y, Angela Zhang, Jingyi Zheng

Prop Design: Yuliya Yugay

Animation Assistance: Angela Zhang

Cleanup Assistance: Angela Almero, Bailey Martin, Thomas Marshall, Jennifer Minju Park, Dominick Sy, Weiwei Wu

Production Coordinator: Angela Almero

Monster Design: Monika Yip

Poster Design: Carl Gonzaga

Post-Credit Cards: Kayson Lam, @jootairo, Kenneth So

Sound Mix: Curt Gonzaga, Jeralyn Magantino, Matt Stephanson

Curt Gonzaga

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Curt is a Filipino, Vancouver-based 2D Animator who specializes in character animation. Curt studied 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and is receiving his his Bachelor of Media Arts degree in 2023 with a goal of creating satisfying animation that makes others laugh. Curt has contributed to the animation of a few films, such as Tea Time and ifonly.exe. Curt’s goal is to continue his growth as a character animator, with a keen interest in comedic genres, as well as continuing the development of his own short films.

Curt likes to play video games and chase his dog in his free time.

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