Little Lake

Lia Fabre-Dimsdale

Duration: 4:15 min

Medium: 2D Animation

Director and Animator


A young lily-pad boy discovers something in the lake he calls home that forever changes his perspective of his world.

This film was initially inspired by a childhood memory of myself, one of my brothers, and a lake in the NWT, but evolved to become a meditative project on life and death and recovering from mental illness. It is a visualization of some of my memories of the natural environment I grew up in and will always think about.

Project Production

Background concept art

Character pose sheets

Shell prop concept designs

Water colour, ink, and gouache scans used for textures.


Directed and Animated by Lia Fabre-Dimsdale

Score by Calla Paleczny

Production Assistant: C. Fears

Extra Background Assistant: Bailey Martin

Production guidance from: Lorelei Pepi, Rubén Möller, Martin Rose

Other Work


Experimental mixed-media film using paint on glass and stop-motion animation.

Bugs or boy?

Mixed media printmaking project.
Printmaking paper, ink, gouache paint, relief prints.

Berry Men

Woodcut relief print project.
Mulberry paper, ink.

Lia Fabre-Dimsdale

I’m looking for creative opportunities!

Lia is originally from Fort Simpson, NWT, where she grew up on the territory of Liidllii Kue First Nation, of which she is part of. The natural ecosystems, land, and botanicals are a great inspiration in her work, which often focuses on surreal escapism and storytelling.
After university Lia aims to become involved in developing creative and narrative concepts in a variety of artistic entertainment forms, and continue to involve experimental art practices to her growth as an artist.


Grad Film: