Lindsay Lampa

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This project focused on creating character designs for Filipino monsters but instead of monstrous depictions, they are reinterpreted in a friendlier way suitable for a slice of life comic series set in the modern world. In this setting, they cohabitate with humans and exist and interact with no problems. The project was also a way to examine and improve my personal process in regards to character ideation. Working on this project also helped to refine some aspects and shortcuts of my process when working on MS Paint. I also tried Photoshop which was fun and a whole different procedure.


Short Comics

Thumbnails for Illustrations and Comics


Tikbalang Sketches

Exploration for Pichi and Pipino

Tiyanak Sketches

Exploration for Mani

Engkanto Sketches

Exploration for Harana

Manananggal Sketches

Exploration for Gabi

Gabi and Harana

Multo Sketches

Exploration for Dilim

Aswang Sketches

Exploration for Ernander

Nuno Sketches

Exploration for Lolo Bibing

Sigbin Sketches

Exploration for Papaya

Lindsay Lampa

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Lindsay Lampa is a versatile illustrator with many styles. Her inspirations range from nature, graphic novels, manga, animation, and video games. This informs her character design process, short comics, and pen, watercolour, and coloured pencil illustrations. She is able to capture character expressions and interactions well through gestural sketches.

Lindsay’s current focus in her work involves aspects of Filipino culture and representation, mainly on food, family, and relationships. Another influence are sapphic relationships and presentation in media