Timothy Saksono

Following total atomic annihilation, thick plumes of radioactive dust encrust the world we know, plunging it into a permanent winter.

Welcome to the world of PERMAFROST.


PERMAFROST takes place decades after the global war. Most of humanity have either mutated or perished, but for the surviving colonies, home is underground. Sheltered from the outside dangers of radiation and subzero temperature, survivors have adapted to life under the earth. Only the brave venture into the harsh cold, either to gather supplies for the colony, or out of dumb curiosity.

PERMAFROST is my personal world-building project that mainly includes themes of survival. This project has become a reflection of my personal experiences dealing with stress and anxieties, especially within the recent months. In a world that is cold in more ways than one, for one to survive on their own is rare. Instead, one must rely on others to survive and thrive in a world that is constantly fighting back. The underlying theme is the importance of togetherness, highlighting the significance, hope, and power that comes from unity.


SURVIVORS KIT CONCEPT – The typical kit a survivor would carry out during expeditions; warm clothing, a respirator, and most importantly – a weapon.

THE FROST DWELLER CONCEPT – The unfortunate few who succumb to the overexposure of radiation turn into the monstrous being known as the Frost Dweller.


THE DISCOVER OF THE ARK – A survivor discovers the base of operations of a group known as the ARK.

WAREHOUSE SCAVENGE – Two survivors scavenge their way through an abandoned warehouse. Hoping to find supplies, the survivors are instead met with a monstrous foe.

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Timothy Saksono

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Timothy Saksono is a digital illustrator and concept artist creating in Vancouver, British Columbia. His love for video games and films have heavily influenced his creative practice, and continue to fuel his ambitions and dream of becoming a concept artist. Within his work, Tim aims to tell a story within each of his illustrations, hoping to instill feelings of wonder within viewers. Outside of his practice, Tim enjoys making and playing music, being active in the great outdoors, and of course, playing video games!

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