Qianyi Weng(Echo)

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Cat is I. I am cat.


Am confused about leaving the land.

Feel the despair for the future.

try to struggle and resist.

Am burning my enthusiasm.

Challenge rebirth.

This is about my personal narrative.

My work is a part of me.

Cat and I share the soul.

Everyone has their own story.

We may have the same or different emotions in growth, family, relationships and so on.

I am I.

What about your story?


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Qianyi Weng(Echo)

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Echo Weng is a Chinese illustrator based in Vancouver with her cat JOJO. She loves telling stories and is willing to share what she has experienced with the audience through illustrations. She enjoys her life and loves adventure and travel, which is the way she got inspiration. She considers most of her works’ style has a warm and positive atmosphere, focusing on the narrative and enjoying using color to express emotions. She uses Photoshop and Artstudio to work. Meanwhile, she also tries many different materials, constantly learning about new methods, such as polymer clay, ceramics, and printmaking. She is interested in Fiction novel illustration, Package illustration, and Editorial illustration.

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