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Hi This is A PROJECT about An encounter with a magical giant puppy.^ ^ ❤️ ENJOY!!!!

> Hello.
I’m miku. but whether people call me mi or ku or gou I think they’re calling me!
I love humans and I love to go out and play!


Miik~Gou is a work that records the coexistence of human and non-human creatures. Generally people focus more on the human connection or the relationship with the society and ignore the other creatures that live together in the community. Emotion, love, and companionship should not be limited to human beings; other objects, things, and beings in life can be turned into spiritual forces to support each other. This invisible and unspeakable bond always gives those who are tied together the optimism and courage to face life.

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Just like a cat equals water, Mik-gou can change into many forms and all have different “functions”.

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POSTERCARD GIFTS <With 5 different types!>

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📌ECU Level 1 Entrance

Mik ~ Gou’s theme stickers
Everyone who visits this exhibition on the spot can get one.(Limited quantity.)


Ziyu Huang

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Ziyu Huang is an illustrator and graphic designer from China. She studied illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree. As an illustrator and graphic design enthusiast, her style is inspired by the fusion of the both, with digital painting being her strongest area of expertise. Her work currently focuses more on the theme of people facing their deep inner feelings and emotions.

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