Grim Fairytales

Grim Holliday

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Grim Fairytales is installed as a zine in the Library.

Grim Fairytales is a small art zine, inspired by Grim’s love of fairytales, folktales, the occult, and the motifs and aesthetic traditions associated with them. The zine features artwork with themes which may feel familiar to viewers, but in the fine details they stray from many traditional stories. It has three, two-page spreads, and four single-page illustrations.

The artwork is all digital, created over the course of three years.

To see the full zine, view the PDF here, or visit The Show on campus.

Grim Holliday

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Grim is a 27 year old illustrator and writer, currently working in the Pacific Northwest. They have a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University.

They work to explore the relationship that they have with their upbringing in two different families — one where conservative, baptist christian, and dominant hegemonies were the norm, and one where those ideas were frequently challenged. They are also influenced by having been raised by nurses, where the visceral and disgusting were dinner conversations. Gender identity, ideas of manhood, and what it means to be transsexual is ever-present in their work, and all of these themes combine in works that are violent and ideally challenging in the ways that they explore the visceral body.

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