Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

Hiu Lok (Danielle) Ma

Marriage Supper of the Lamb, 2021
Ink on recycled bristol, velcro, and thread
Installation size: 11″ x 152″
Individual size: 11″ x 14″  

Throughout the many books of Scripture, the motif of food as an invitation of humility and grace appears over and over. Marriage Supper Of The Lamb engages with that rich narrative through a 7-course meal:

1. Fruit Of That Forbidden Tree
2. Levitical Law
3. Of Milk And Honey
4. Scroll
5. Of Flesh And Blood
6. Levitical Law Reprised
7. The Lamb That Was Slain

Made with a combination of ink illustrations, velcro, and thread, this piece invites audiences to partake in each individual course by picking up the cut-outs from the plate. Taste and see!

Hiu Lok (Danielle) Ma

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Danielle is an artist based in Vancouver, BC.
Her practice attempts to reawaken and invite viewers to partake in the overarching narrative of Christianity; exploring the duality between the surprisingly simple and mind-numbingly intricate.
She explores mediums such as ink, pencil crayons, and watercolour, relishing moments of softness and specificity each medium provides. She also enjoys exploring a combination of less traditional approaches in considering presentation, such as cut-outs and thread.
Grounded in her Christian faith, the ultimate end of her practice is exploring beauty to the glory of Christ.

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