Creatures of Old

Christopher Ashdown

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In room D1387 right on the side of the door as you walk into the room. It's the first installation on the right when you walk in.

Welcome to the “Creatures of Old” project. Pieces selected from the many photos and sketches of a personal project called “Project Lunara.” All done on black paper with pencil crayon, these illustrations show my love for fantasy and world building.

“The Lord of Frost Bone Citadel

“There are legends that speak of a giant protector in the depths of a mountainous fortress guarding ancient pages of evil magic. With breath so cold it is said to cause snow storms on the peaks of the mountains. They call him the Lord of Frost Bone Citadel…”

Coloured Pencil on Black Paper, 9×12

“Guardian in the Torch Light”

“In the cold tundra of the north, a guardian of the people lurks in the dark blizzard, protecting travelers from unwanted visits from monsters and beasts. Those who have the honour of actually meeting him are blessed with his protective sigil, only to never catch a glimpse of his grace again…”

Coloured Pencil on black paper, 9×12

“Miss Haze”

“She flies silently through the woods with her children in tow, watching over the night sky. Each night she counts the stars and sees that none of the constellations have disappeared. Those who wander her woods and seek her wisdom are trapped in a maze of old bark and nocturnal wildlife; for the knowledge of the stars is for none but herself…”

Coloured Pencil on black paper, 9×12


Here are some sketches and other pieces from my sketchbook and around my studio. I enjoy working with the black paper, but that doesn’t limit me from branching out on other projects.

Sketches for landscape pieces (pen and ink in cream toned paper sketchbook, 8.5×11)

Some fan art and fantasy creatures (Left to Right: Darkrai, The Duke of the Dunklewald, Lord Valoo)

Coloured Pencil on black paper, 9×12. Coloured Pencil on black paper, 9×12. Digital Painting, 5×7

Metroid fanart on the left, (coloured pencil on black paper, 9×12), Creature sketches on the right (coloured pencil on toned grey paper, 6×8)

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Christopher Ashdown

Christopher Ashdown is a Vancouver based illustrator from Montreal, QC, focusing primarily on fantasy illustration and concept art. His love for character creation and storytelling shows through in his work. Often accompanied by stories, each piece has a little bit of himself incorporated to make the compositions all the more enticing and meaningful.