Recipe of Lies

Joyce Cheung

“Finally, I can show what I want to do”

Recipe of Lies is a short but intense VR exhibition that that reflects Joyce’s personal feelings towards her experience at Emily Carr.

For the best experience, wear a VR headset.

It wasn’t until midway through the last term of the last year that she felt that she had found a style or design language that she was comfortable with because she was always trying to aspire to fit in.


Each poster has an element of photography.

Motion Graphics

On a technical level, she finally felt free to experiment and use techniques she hasn’t used since the beginning of first year because of the thought that she had to put that away in order to develop as a designer.

Joyce’s comfort when it comes to designing is digital collage. However, she felt that because a lot of the work assigned didn’t align with her style, that it was seen as unprofessional and therefore delayed her growth of developing what she was interested in.

She instead learned about design fundamentals, typography and art direction which she enjoyed very much. Even though she felt stuck with designing in styles she was uncomfortable in and may not have met her expectations, she didn’t want to waste time and still learned and benefitted off of what was offered at the university.

VR in first-person

About the Project

Recipe of Lies was initially intended to depict peer pressure through intense and distorted imagery in order to engage discussion about the topic amongst young people. The initial intent throughout the creation of Recipe of Lies changed and became a self-inflicted pressure that Joyce placed on herself because of her fear of inferiority and insecurity in her design language. This project has become a gateway for her confidence and the completion of it helped her realize her worth as a designer.

“I am genuinely so happy I found my own process and style for the first time and while it will develop as I do; while I may get lost again, I know that because of this first time discovery I will be able to do it again and that sense of safety is so reassuring and healing.” – Joyce

Thank you to Gabe Wong for helping in the VR aspects of this project. Your video tutorial was really quick and easy to understand!

Joyce Cheung

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Joyce Cheung is an Chinese-Canadian communication designer. She was awarded with an entrance scholarship to begin her art journey at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where she completed her Bachelors of Design. The introduction to communication design during her first year in university became her space to experiment with her design language. Her current work depicts themes of self reflection and she uses graphic design to create interesting visuals of topics that she’s interested in.

Joyce is highly curious in learning many skills. Her self-discipline allows her to learn not only skills within the Adobe Creative Cloud but skills such as dance, photography and ceramics are also creative outputs that she seeks to actively improve in.

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