Creature(s) of Habit

Katie May DeJong

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Find my work in the secret little corner of the grey room.

Duration: (1:22min)

Medium: (2D digital animation)


In this short, experimental 2D animation, a dog-creature struggles with the idiosyncrasies of their personality(s) across multiple planes of existence.


Artist Statement

Dog-creature, or Mr. Nibbles, lives by the rules. He is governed by an existence confined within his little body, within a little room. But he always has himself. From the outside Mr. Nibbles leads a mundane life, but he is pure chaos within. Creature(s) of Habit explores ones internal workings, with Mr. Nibbles and his surroundings growing increasingly inundated as different sides of his selfhood emerge. Time is speeding up for Mr. Nibbles, but his old habits have a way of repeating themselves…indefinitely. He’s a little directionless, self-destructive, definitely too hard on himself, and overall overwhelmed by the world. 

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Concept, illustration, animation, editing, and voices by Katie DeJong

Music: “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy

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Katie May DeJong

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Katie is an illustrator and animator based in Vancouver, BC. In a maximalist and cartoon-like style, Katie’s works use visual fragments of stories to tease aspects of humanity that are often relatable and approachable. She enjoys creating art centred around melodramatic characters and joyfully unsettling scenes. Her work doesn’t take itself too seriously. She is a graduate of Emily Carr University, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She continues to learn by doing illustration commissions and freelance work for studios such as Snap Animation, Tetra Films, and EVD Entertainment. If you want to be her friend, she likes Oreo cookies and good river spots.

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