why i dont do weddings

Andrea Chiang

Genre: Contemporary, Diaristic

Duration: 2:24

Medium: 2D Digital Animation

Jazz, a teen of the internet, recounts her experience at a wedding when a family relative unintentionally triggered an existential crisis.

Trailer for why i dont do weddings

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with technology’s effect on artists’ creative processes. The emergence of the internet and online platforms has inspired countless animators to expand their storytelling techniques. My film takes the format of a YouTube genre known as ‘Storytime Animation,’ in which a character gives a soliloquy on a particular opinion, event, or memory. Imagery accompanies the voiceover to illustrate some of the actions and emotions throughout the story. This framing device has allowed me the freedom to experiment with a dynamic range of visuals, engage with my imagination, and, most importantly, let me have fun with my film.

Production Stills from why i dont do weddings


Directed by Andrea Chiang

“A Simple Life” composed by Marcos H. Bolamos

SFX from WeStar Music, Freesound, Creative Commons

Special Thanks

Cassandra, Ash, and all my family and friends for their continuous love and support.

Andrea Chiang

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Andrea Chiang is a storyteller who examines the human condition. Their creative curiosity has led them to explore the fantasy worlds of novels and cartoons, further fueling their passion for writing and drawing. Andrea seeks to inspire growth and self-reflection within an audience by introducing rounded characters without shying away from conflict and dialogue.

Andrea graduated in 2023 from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in 2D animation. They are currently pursuing a career path in animated TV development.

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