The Reincarnation of Puke Pixie

Cheree Lang

Live event: Screening Premiere | May 12, 7:00 pm

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Director: Cheree Lang

Year Completed: 2023

Country of production: Canada

Duration/TRT:  04m05s

Media: 2D Animation

Film genre: Dark Humour

Film Synopsis: A suicidally depressed pixie girl seeks to end it all but finds herself reincarnated as the cat of a lethargic pickle man, forcing her to try to find the meaning of her existence.

Artists Statement: The Reincarnation of Puke Pixie is a personal project. After losing several family members in a short time span, I was inspired to explore different philosophies of life, death, and the purpose of existence. The design of my characters and backgrounds are intentionally wonky and messy, as I feel this reflects what it’s like inside my brain. The animated short is an allegorical autobiography of sorts, as it expresses the coping strategies and challenges I faced while coming to terms with grief in my own way. The film is meant to be dark, funny and absurd.

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Created by: Cheree Lang

Music by: The Cavernous

Foley by: The Cavernous

Sound Design by: Tyrone Ronning

Final Mix by: Matt Stephanson


Mr. Pickle by Jon Dekok

Reincarnation Doctor: Pete MacLeod

Puke Pixie: Cheree Lang

Pixie Cat: Cheree Lang

Nurse: Cheree Lang


Animated by: Cheree Lang

Animator & Mentor: Anita Dekok

Character Rigs by: Cheree Lang

Background Color Assistant: Sydney M McConney

Abstract Background Assistant: Alexis Sawyun Han

Cheree Lang

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Cheree Lang is a 2D animator and Illustrator, residing in Vancouver BC. Creative accomplishments include animating 2 shorts for Fred Skeleton’s theatre production, which won her two awards for technical innovation in animation at both Theatre BC’s Okanagan Zone Festival and Mainstage Festival in 2016. Cheree finds passion in both 2D animation and as a tattoo artist, and is currently working towards becoming an art therapist. Art therapy is something she feels could become a valuable resource for mental health and wellbeing in her community.

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