Fruiting Bodies

Mia Milardo

See it On Campus: Level 1

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Materials from the making of this film are on view near the Media On Demand theatre (D1375) on the first floor.


Duration: 02m 49s

Medium: Mixed-media, stop-motion animation

Genre: Experimental, non-narrative


A vivid exploration of transformations and aesthetics in nature and the female body. 

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Artist Statement

I’ve always been fascinated by recurring shapes, patterns and cycles in nature, and chose to explore these forms through a variety of materials and under-the-camera techniques. I was interested in experimenting with both the up-close aesthetics of real natural objects in stop-motion, as well as with illustrative representations of nature and the female body in collage-like methods. The film was heavily influenced and often led by the materials themselves: through an ongoing process of collection, found images and text as well as natural materials I picked up along the way continually inspired new ideas and informed the direction of scenes.


  • Director: Mia Milardo
  • Music Composer: Toshi Milardo

Special Thanks

  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Rubén Möller
  • Alla Gadassik
  • Martin Rose
  • Chris Strickler & Gil Goletski
  • Matt Stephanson



Mia Milardo

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Mia Milardo is a Vancouver-based Canadian animator. She studied 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a special interest in stop-motion and experimental methods. She enjoys a mixed-media approach to animation, creating handmade and tactile aesthetics through experimenting with intriguing materials she finds. Mia has worked as a research-creation assistant for the Animate Materials Workshop founded by Dr. Alla Gadassik, and recently exhibited experimental animation work in a show titled Refractions.

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