me, myself and the moon

Christine Lee


Duration: 04m 43s
Media: 2D Digital Animation
Film Genre: Drama, Coming of Age
Director: Christine Lee

Upset over their drifted friendship, a young bunny tries to reconnect with their former best friend through old shared passions.


Director: Christine Lee
Music Composer: Mark Marinic
Sound Design: Miguel Ramirez Abumada
Voice Actors: Kassley Kangleon, Faustus Cashews

Storyboard: Christine Lee
Storyboard Revisionist: Amanda Lim, Ling Wan, Bella Legara
Character Designers: Christine Lee, Amanda Lim, Monika Yip
Concept Artists: Amanda Lim, Monika Yip, James Huang
Background Arists: Amanda Lim, Monika Yip, James Huang

Animators: Christine Lee, Abigail Diantoro, Edrick Nombrado, Madeleine Yiu, Alayna Y, Alex Choi, Eroniko Puevas
Clean Up/Colourists: Christine Lee, Alex Choi, Alayna Y, Eroniko Puevas, Lorien Allan, Jennifer Minju Park, Amanda Karime Morales, Cassandra Hay, Alexis Sawyun Han, Tom 8246🦝, Elain Wang, Abigail Diantoro
Compositors: Christine Lee, Amanda Lim

Artist Statement
This story reflects actual events that took place in my own life. There were times where I made mistakes that upset my friends and I was ignorant to their feelings. I want these kinds of moments to feel relatable as small blunders or conflicts with friends as challenges that can be overcome. However, I don’t want to give the audience false hope that all relationships will turn out stronger. Rather, I want the audience to acknowledge that some relationships are not meant to be, and that it is alright to drift apart.

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Christine Lee

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Christine Lee is a Korean-Canadian animator born and raised in Vancouver. Specialising in frame by frame animation with an interest in motion graphics, she graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a bachelor of Media Arts. Her work focuses on her childhood memories, using nostalgia as a catalyst. She aims to target an adult audience with relatable storytelling while also entertaining children through friendly character designs. Professionally, she’s looking forward to developing a career in the animation industry as a 2D animator.

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