Best For You

Bailey Martin & Emma Mckay

Best For You

A young woman begins to discover what it means to be a lesbian through her first girlfriend and the reactions that arise in her family.

Duration:  05m 24s

Media: 2D digital & hand-drawn animation

Film genre: Identity, Family

Directors: Bailey Martin & Emma Mckay

Film Stills

Film Trailer


Bailey Martin

Director — Storyboarding, Layouts, Character Animation, Sound Mixing

Emma Mckay

Director — Character Design, Layouts, Character Animation, Compositing

Concept + Background Artist | Amanda Lim

Composers | Joshua Ma, Mariah Symchych, Saja DiGiovanni

Sound Designer | Glen Gustard

Animators (Clean-up + Colouring) | Alayna Y, Lorien Allan

Voice Actors | Tommy: Mariah Symchych, Maura: Adrienne Desiderio, Josie: Emma Mckay

Special Thanks

AJ Twinn
Lorelei Pepi
Mariah Symcych
Martin Rose
Rubén Möller
ECUAD Graduating Class of 2023

Pre-Production Material

Artist’s Statement


I have always used art as a tool to understand my own mind and my role in the world, and knew I wanted to explore my feelings around my queer identity in an animated narrative. I am inspired by the lived experience of queer people, both how internal and external forces shape one’s view of themselves. It has been a huge pleasure to work alongside Bailey Martin, morphing our perspectives into a story that represents a mutual understanding of identity. 


I connected with Emma over being queer and having a difficult time coming to accept our identities; which allowed us to create a story we both felt passionate about. I am personally interested in exploring how religion affects queer youth and displaying the strength it takes to come out despite negative factors. Our skills melded well within a 2D animation background and I found using our education in animation to fulfill this narrative to be an exciting and informative journey. I am thankful for being able to work alongside a good friend and an even greater artist like Emma to create a film we both are proud of.

Bailey Martin & Emma Mckay

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Emma Mckay is a 2D and experimental animator whose work engages with issues of identity and representation. Using animation as a form of expression, her practice engages feeling and character-driven narratives. Emma studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and is now focused on developing her career as an animator. When not annoying her friends with animation talk, Emma enjoys watching deep sea creature videos, singing along terribly to music, and keeping it real, yo.

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Bailey Martin is a young artist that grew up in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and relocated to Vancouver for art school. She has always aspired to create stories that include the lgbtq+ and her own religious traumas. She is quite the workaholic but in her free time enjoys building niche Spotify playlists, goofing around on guitar, and crying to kid cartoons. She studied 2D animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and found storyboarding to be her bread and butter. She aims to pursue a career in storyboarding and one day work up to directing sappy teenage cartoons.

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