Journey Log Vol.1.1

Joyce Gu

Duration: (56 sec)

Medium: 3D Animation



A robot wandering in a world that is overtaken by nature. On this journey, it’s going to find out about the world and itself.

Artist Statement

Journey Log Vol.1.1 is an exploration piece that mainly focuses on the enviroment and the exploration of it. In a world where there’s no human intervention, nature overtook the land and adapts to it; a robot starts on its journey to find out about the land and itself.

Project Stills


Music: “Rise Up” by Steve Oxen

Joyce Gu

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Joyce Gu is a 3D artist who graduated with BMA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2023. She is from Shanghai, currently living in Vancouver with a background as a 2D artist. She combines the stylized look of 2D in the 3D world, and practice character animation with strong poses to bring out interesting characteristic and natural environments to put the characters in a fantastic world. Her work focuses on bringing the audience a memorable experience.