Grow (2023)

Keondra Higgins

Grow (2023) Film Poster

Film Information

Duration: 3 mins 10 sec

Genre: Fantasy

Key Concepts: Environment design/3D world building, introspective narrative

Credits: Film by Keondra Higgins

Special Thanks: Andreea Jebelean, Woonam Kim, John Li, and Ian Woo

Artist Statement

I am always looking for new ways to fulfill my artistic visions, and I have found that 3D spaces give me the ability to bring my art to life in ways that transcend the flat picture plane. Taking advantage of this, I use my past experiences to guide my future investigations, particularly more introspective ones; as an Indigenous woman embarking on a life-long journey to uncover my unknown heritage, I utilize my passion for 3D world building to aid my own process of personal growth. And by using colour, symbolism, and implied narrative, I aim to create visually beautiful stories in hopes of encouraging my audience’s own desire for self discovery. 

Grow (2023)

Concepts and Production

Initial Concepts

2D Animatic Stills

Keondra Higgins

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Keondra Higgins is an Indigenous Canadian 3D environment artist. Originally based on Vancouver Island, she utilizes her appreciation for the old growth forests she grew up in to fuel her passion for immersive 3D world building. After acquiring her Diploma of Fine Arts from North Island College, she completed her Bachelor of Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She aspires to achieve a sense of realism in her environments while still maintaining influence from the same whimsical fantasy themes that helped shape her art style at a young age. 

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