Linkster / Yanfeng Zeng

Duration: 3m20s

Medium: 3D Computer Animation

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Two soldiers, fighting on opposite sides of a war, find themselves stranded in the wilderness. On their journey back to civilization, they begin to develop a bond and gain a new appreciation for the beauty of the world where the conflict has yet to spread…

Artist Statement

Games and movies are the bedrock of my life. I initially thought my fixation with them was a sign of hedonism, but I realized that I find their immersive storytelling fascinating. I began to explore 3D animation as a means of creating my own tales, drawing inspiration from the likes of Lord of the Rings, Darksouls, Starwars, and Overwatch. My style is a blend of fantasy and sci-fi, with a preference for adventure stories that examine human nature. I enjoy designing stylized sword and sorcery characters and futuristic soldiers, with attention to every aspect of the production process.

Project Stills


  • Director: Yanfeng Zeng
  • Music Composer: RedCatMusic

Special Thanks

  • Adriana Jaroszewick
  • Israel Yang
  • John Li
  • Bob Mcafee
  • Woonam Kim

Linkster / Yanfeng Zeng

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Yanfeng, a 3D artist based in Vancouver, draws inspiration from his love of gaming and storytelling. He has experience in various mediums, including novels, webcomics, and D&D games, but finds 3D animation the most efficient and exciting. Yanfeng started his career doing commission work for content creators and forums, developing skills in all aspects of 3D production, with a focus on character modeling and lighting. He aims to enhance his ability to tell unforgettable stories in the gaming and animation industry.

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