Natural Materials

Tallon Ellison

Tallon Ellison


natural dye, natural pigments, turmeric oil, coffee, cranberry, blackberry, local and invasive plant dyes.


created by exploring movement and flow in creating free flowing forms and experimenting with using anything but paint to create colour, texture and contrast.

artist statement

My name is Tallon Ellison and I’m a Cree Artist from Vancouver BC. I work with natural dyes and make my own paints from local and invasive plants. I’ve been working with natural materials for the last two years and I am really enjoying it, im still learning and experimenting with different ways of working with natural materials in my practice and hope my growing love for natural materials is translated through my work. I became interested in working with plant materials in my third year when I started to reevaluate the kinds of materials I was using on a regular basis in my paintings. The oils and toxic materials in the paints I was using began to become unattractive to me as the impact that the material was leaving on the environment was contributing to pollution. this revaluation of my practice lead me to where I am now in my currant practice, being mindful and making art that leave little to no environmental impact and lets me explore and work with plants and natural materials.

Tallon Ellison

Tallon Ellison is a Cree, Irish artist from Vancouver BC, she works with natural materials and creates dyes and paints from local and invasive plants. she strives to create work that is environmentally conscious and leaves as little impact on the environment as possible.

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