Embrace the Moon

Katrina Pleasance

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View the film on demand in the RBC media gallery, then take a closer look at the paper puppets and props used in the film around the corner.

Duration: 4:40min

Medium: Paper cutout animation

[Director and Animator]


The Moon Goddess falls in love with a human farmer. Even though they’re a world apart, she longs to meet her and uses her powers to bring them both together.

Artist Statement

“Embrace the Moon” is a paper cutout animation inspired by the traditional art of Chinese shadow puppetry and mythological tales. I chose to make a film with a strong tie to historical Chinese culture in a hope to reconnect and learn more about my own culture. Research and learning excites me, and this project brought both of these experiences forward. Making physical puppets instead of just reading about them also allowed me to understand the art form better. Shadow puppetry is a dying art form and I worry paper cutout animation may head that way too. Through my film I hope to honour my heritage and create a new audience for these old art forms.


  • Director and Animator: Katrina Pleasance
  • Background and Prop Design: Alayna Y, Angela Zhang
  • Storyboard Revisions: Samantha Hubbell
  • Music: Thyme Belladonna Shi
  • Sound Design: Formant Audio
  • Voice Actors: Jialu Chen, Rachel Liu

Puppets, props and backgrounds fabricated at the Emily Carr Digital Output Centre and Digital Fabrication Lab.

Special Thanks

  • Staff and Faculty of Emily Carr
  • Animation technicians Chris Strickler and Gil Goletski
  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Martin Rose
  • Class of 2023
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • YJ Hur
  • Dana Lam
  • Funan Fina
  • My family

Puppets and Props

Behind the Scenes

Katrina Pleasance

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Katrina Pleasance is an animator based in Vancouver, BC with a passion for experimentation. She is of mixed Chinese and Caucasian heritage, and enjoys working with mixed media. Her films have explored a variety of techniques and materials, including paper, clay, rotoscoping, motion graphics and traditional hand drawn animation. Katrina loves a happy ending and rooting for the hero. While she employs experimental animation techniques, the majority of her films are feel-good narratives that are character based.

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