Naughts & Crosses

Christy Chan

directed by Christy Chan

 Our finalists will set the score in a neon-tastical duel of shapes! 

Disclaimer: there’s no tic-tac-toe gameplay to be seen here.

Trailer for Naughts & Crosses.

Duration/TRT:  2 minutes 47seconds

Media: 2D Digital Animation, 3D CG

Genre: Action, Science Fantasy

Project Stills


  • Director, Christy Chan
  • Production Supervisor, Angela Almero
  • Art Director, Esther Bellefontaine
  • Concept Art, Adrienne Desiderio, Andrew Joubert, Christy Chan, Emily Fakaros, Esther Bellefontaine, Savv “SavvyGirl18”
  • Vocal actors, Maya Patrich, Nathaniel Gordon
  • Storyboard, Adrienne Desiderio, Christy Chan, Ling Wan
  • Animators, Alex Choi, Asa Harrenstein, Christy Chan, Skye Allen, Lorien Allan
  • 2D Layouts, Asa Harrenstein, Angela Almero, Esther Bellefontaine
  • 3D Modeller/Lookdev, Zijian Han
  • UV Artist, Amanda Lim, Esther Bellefontaine, Monika Yip
  • 3D Layouts, Gabe Kwok, Mike Wang
  • Clean-up, Asa Harrenstein, Christy Chan, Lorien Allan, Paige Arace, Soph! Su
  • Colour, Alexis Sawyun Han, Asa Harrenstein, Christy Chan, Soph! Su, Skye Allen
  • Sound Design, Sean Leung
  • Music, Creo (licensed under CC-BY)
  • Compositing/Visual Effects/Editing, Christy Chan

Artist Statement

Having been raised by community-driven web animation – animation memes, multi-animator projects and stickman fights – this film is a love letter and my unapologetic pursuit of the child-like spark of excitement that awes and inspires myself, my peers, collaborators and audiences alike.

The characters in my film possess a lot more depth in their identities and place in world-building – but here, I engage in simple play with them, self-indulgent but fun.

As the kids say, be cringe, but be free. If you think my film is cool and are inspired to create something similar, my job here is done!

Behind the Scenes


  • Concept art by Esther Bellefontaine
  • Expression sheets by Adrienne Desiderio
  • VFX and character turnarounds by Christy Chan

3D Model

  • Concept art by Esther Bellefontaine
  • Modelling and Lookdev by Zijian Han
  • UV art by Amanda Lim, Esther Bellefontaine and Monika Yip


A step-by-step process from start to finish!

Christy Chan

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Christy Chan is a Chinese Vancouver-based animator, born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a speciality focus on frame-by-frame character animation, and special attention to movement and flow. With internet animation as a starting point, she has a knack for rhythm and action-heavy projects. She is focused on developing a career in the animation industry as a 2D animator.

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