Ghost Catching

Carina Wang and Coco Zeng

Duration/TRT:  2min 38sec

Media: 3D animation

Film Synopsis: The protagonist found a ghost running in her neighbor’s room, while her neighbor did not know anything. She saved her neighbor in the end.

Artists’ Statement: 

Carina Wang:

As someone who has been very interested in Chinese mythology and traditional customs since childhood, I like to convey relevant themes and content in my works. Through storytelling, camera language, and composition of frames, the biggest goal of my creation is to combine traditional culture and self-experience, and vividly showing them to my audience. I think 3D animation is the best medium for combining reality and fantasy. I can express my imagination to the fullest; my love for storytelling can also be satisfied by the arrangement of various shots. 

Coco Zeng:

My work is often inspired by my experiences as a 3D animation student and my cultural background as a Chinese person. I take great pleasure in injecting a touch of fantasy into the everyday stories that we encounter. I’m particularly intrigued by narratives that center around internal conflicts leading to self-reconciliation, which are built from the moments of our ordinary lives. By designing, modeling, and texturing the background, I can create a convincing and immersive environment with a breath of life that helps to convey the story and the personalities of the characters.

Project Stills



  • Character modelling
  • Character texturing
  • Layout
  • Animation
  • Composition


  • Background modelling
  • Background texturing
  • Animation
  • Lighting

Ssup Kim

  • Sound design

Cosmic Hippie

  • Music design

Carina Wang and Coco Zeng

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Yue Wang (Carina) was born and raised in Guangdong, China, and she is currently a Vancouver-based animator. She has been honing her skills in cg layout as well as modeling stylized characters and props during her studies in Emily Carr. The thoughts and emotions she expresses in her works are deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture and customs. She is interested in working with different artistic styles and techniques, and she is developing her own unique art style that can better demonstrate her imagination, life experiences and cultural heritage.
Contact: Carina Wang
Mailing address: 1788 Columbia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Cell: 2368695929

Coco Zeng is a Chinese 3d modeler and a background artist. With her expertise in building and texturing digital models, she is able to bring concept designs to life with precision and attention to detail. She studied 3D animation at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, specializing in background design. Born in China, She takes that cultural heritage with her which inspired her to create many works. Her dedication to deliver high-quality models propel her to constantly improve and develop her own unique style, which shines through in her environment designs.
Contact: Coco Zeng
Mailing address: 1788 Columbia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Cell: 7783206916

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