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Hogar is a meander book which I have worked on during my last year at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, it is a recollection of my childhood memories with the focus on the multiple moves both from different homes as to different countries and how their environments and cultures affected my identity. The book is for the most part in Spanish with English sprinkled in at first, and starts to be more notable nearing the end of the book, which illustrates how slowly English became part of my life. The illustrations are drawn in ink on separate cards stitched onto the book itself as each card holds a piece of a collection of saved memories. This book digs into family, school, friendships and the need to feel at home.


Stonehenge paper 30X44in, ink, embroidery floss, fabric and tulle

Angie Soberanis

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Angie Soberanis is a Mexican-Canadian Illustrator based in Burnaby, BC. She enjoys drawing people and experimenting with textures in her illustrations, especially stippling. Her material of choice has lately been ink but she also works with watercolour and acrylic, she also has been exploring new materials such as thread to add into her illustrations. Angie uses a lot of personal themes in her work but also loves to research for assignments. She spends a lot of time creating and that could be in the form of drawing, crocheting, scrapbooking, embroidering, or anything to keep her mind occupied.

To see more examples of my work you can visit Insta:@lost_in_a_drawing

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