Kasha Rae Malinowski


Aware that he will die after he mates, Gerald, a young Butterscotch Beetle, swears off love and romance for as long as possible. Gerald soon realizes that fighting fate and nature are tougher than he imagined.  


Duration: 7:46 min

Medium: 2D Digital Animation

Film genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance


  • Writer, Director, Animator, Kasha Rae Malinowski
  • Music, Ben Ledochowski
  • Narration, Nathaniel Gordon
  • Sound Design, Alex Abahmed
  • Sound Mix, Matt Stephanson
  • Background Artists, Angela Zhang, Cassandra Hay, Heron Cheung, Kasha Rae Malinowski, Silvia Martinez
  • Script Editor, Sinden Luciuk

Artist Statement

Kasha Rae Malinowski is a Vancouver based 2D animator. She is a passionate, detail oriented and creative animation professional who enjoys experimenting and learning every day. As a character animation specialist, Kasha loves the emulation of life, the expression of characters and the exaggeration of reality that cannot be produced as well in any other art form than animation. Kasha brought all these factors to life through her film Gerald (2023) which tells the story of survival, fate and romance in the life of an imaginary beetle species.

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Kasha Rae Malinowski is a 2023 Emily Carr University of Art & Design graduate where she received a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in 2D & Experimental Animation. Kasha directed and animated her 2D film “Gerald,” a comedic and heartwarming seven-minute short about a beetle navigating life, nature and mortality. Kasha’s career goals are to continue within the animation industry working on character animation, while creating and exploring new worlds through the art of storytelling and visual design. 

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