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Welcome to “EYRIE,” my illustrated anthology.

I’m Emily! Professional watercolour painter, amateur storyteller, and bookmaking + Risograph hobbyist.

Eyrie has been my main focus for a year and a half, and it contains work from eight different Emily Carr classes. I wanted a grad project where I could work in different visual styles and colour palettes, as well as play with different narratives. I started working on a series of mini stories, and decided to print and bind them as a single book.

Eyrie is meant to look like a picture book, but the narratives are not necessarily meant for the kids. It’s . . . experimental. A real Emily M. Ever original.


December 2021 – April 2023

7.5 x 10.75″

5 copies hand bound, all with unique endpapers.

“EYRIE” collects six illustrated short stories:

  1. One Red Thread
  2. Corvus and Corone
  3. The Soul Gardener
  4. Where the Ravens Went
  5. The Mushroom Book
  6. Can you see it?

This page contains only a selection of the stories, to read the whole 89 page project CLICK HERE for my portfolio website.

One Red Thread

Risograph print, original unfolds to 5.5 x 45″, 2022

“One Red Thread” was originally a wordless accordion book, attempting to tell a personal narrative solely through bird imagery and the movement of the red thread.

Corvus and Corone

Ink and Watercolours, 2023

“Corvus and Corone” was the final story I worked on for “Eyrie,” and is inspired by German fairy tales and dysfunctional sibling relationships. One night, Corvus and Corone sneak away from their parents home and into the dark woods. The plan? To give the other over to the unknown Dark in exchange for a wish.

The Soul Gardener

Ink and Watercolours, 2022/23

“The Soul Gardener” is a fun little story about a cartoon pigeon named “Coo” that watches over the dead and meets an Angel. Coo dies, which is less fun.

Where the Ravens Went

Ink and Watercolours, 2022

Every morning, Sarah leaves peanuts along her fence to feed the crows. But one morning they’ve all disappeared. With nothing but a strange key and a lot of courage, Sarah spends the night looking for her spooky bird friends.

The Mushroom Book

Ink and Watercolours, 2022

“The sun rose late that day as I went out to collect mushrooms among the dead.”
Anna sets out this morning to collect mushrooms and reflect on her relationship with her mother. This is the first story I completed for “Eyrie” back in third year.

Can you see it?

Risograph print, 2022

Originally part of a group zine aimed at “getting the word out” about something.

“Eyrie” is my first big project, and I am very proud to be able to share it with all of you for The Show. Come drop by our collective Book Nook™ on campus! (It looks pretty good.)

Bonus: Sketchbook

Please enjoy these bonus style tests and character paintings before you go:

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Emily is a Vancouver born children’s illustrator, watercolour painter, and teller of strange tales. A lifelong fan of trees, birds, and the hidden places of the forest, she writes, illustrates, and binds weird little books to share with friends. Her work is inspired by fairy tales and folklore, with bright colours, magical atmospheres, and plenty of watchful eyes. She’s wanted to tell stories her whole life, and now she is doing just that.

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