Drifting Through Sorrow

Karmen Chan

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How do you grieve ?

Embrace, 2023

Ache, 2022

Tear II, 2021

[ Drifting Through Sorrow / coloured pencils on toned tan paper / 18×24″ (each) / 2023 ]

*see this on campus


Disquiet III / oil on canvas / 30×40″ / 2021

Stain / charcoal on toned grey paper / 18×24″ / 2022


It’s like a chasm in your heart .

Replace / graphite on paper / 18×18″ / 2021

Burden / ballpoint pen on paper / 12×9″ / 2022

Empty (Grief-scape) / graphite on paper / 14×11″ / 2023

What does grief look like to you ?

Karmen Chan

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Karmen Chan is a Chinese-Canadian artist who wanders between intense, often distressing, emotions and lived experiences through drawing and painting; working primarily with pencils and oils. She has developed an inclination to deeply self-reflect as a creative process which allows for her to arrive at, represent, and understand the complexities in those feelings and happenings. She often uses the human body and/or elements of nature as a means to express and process these outcomes of looking inward.