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Emma Shang

Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in New Media/Sound Arts


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Artist Statement

Music composition for me is the process of concretizing feelings, which are difficult or not often necessary to be expressed in words. Those feelings and inspirations sometimes come from myself, sometimes come from other people, and sometimes just to add a layer of atmosphere to a film scene. In a world that is so difficult to find resonation with one another, countless happy stories and tragedies happen at the same time. My work seeks to build a bridge between the audience and the work, crafting a specific feeling, and bringing people in different life stages into the same moment.

Films Worked On

  • A Better Us – Dir. Cherry Chan
  • Cycle Ends Here – Dir. Justin Mao
  • Untitled Us – Dir. Thomas Mai
  • Curtain Fall – Dir. Si Chen
  • SOLD – Dir. Jennifer Li
  • Soap – Dir. Hannah Chang (Music only)
  • Out of Control – Dir. Toby Yao (Part of the sound team)

Emma Shang

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Emma Shang is a music lover and self-taught musician. She started her journey in music production in 2016 and have since developed her craft over many projects across different genres. She has been writing and producing original songs for herself as well as other singers and artists using Logic Pro and Pro Tools. She has also composed many original musical pieces for different short films and animations. In the future Emma hopes to study and further her craft by completing her master’s degree in songwriting and music production in Berklee NYC.

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