Feral For Socks (2023)

Mandy "Mandie" Huynh

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Feral For Socks Premiere May 15th at ReVerie – Film & Screen Arts 2023 GRADUATION SCREENING

Duration: 4:57 minutes

Genre: Experimental Narrative & Fantasy

Writer | Director | Editor: Mandy “Mandie” Huynh


A clumsy princess loses her precious golden sock to a mischievous fox.

Feral For Socks | Trailer

Artist Statement

I got the inspiration for “Feral For Socks” while overcoming the urge to beat my washing machine into the ground after losing yet another sock to the appliance’s strange whims. The film explores the nature of giving in to one’s vices, showcasing my yearning to be wild without real world consequences.

Film Synopsis

The clumsy Princess Ullis [UH-lees] crashes her bike into a laundry basket and loses her favourite golden sock in the process. However, Lacey the fox stumbles upon the missing sock and decides to marvel the sock before she is startled into hiding.

As Ullis searches for her lost sock, she meets Osiris the dancer. The performer has just recently found missing teeth of her own. Before Osiris can find out who lost their teeth, the two team up to find Ullis’s golden sock before and the fox!

Crew from "Feral For Socks" preparing for the shoot.

About the Production

The majority of the props and costumes were locally sourced from the directors own home. To the dismay of the Property Master, Hannah Chang, the 5 smaller wisdom teeth were graciously donated and extracted from the director and their best friend’s mouth.

One of the few exceptions being the conch shell, which was found in DOP Pablo Garcia Garcia’s front lawn.

Fun Fact! On the dawn of the shoot, the director’s father gutted the washing machine to make transportation easier.


Lead Cast

Princess Ullis

Jessica Guino-o

Wallace “Lacey” the Fox

Madeleine Quong-Lee

Osiris the Dancer

Cindy Kao


Director: Mandy “Mandie” Huynh

Assistant Director: Kaede Leitao

Director of Photography: Pablo Garcia Garcia

Producer | 2nd AC: Matthew McCormick

Pre-Visual Camera Operator: Thomas Mai

1st AC: Cherry Chan

Grip | Gaffer: Justin Mao

Property Master | Makeup | Script Supervisor: Hannah Chang

Set Dresser | Runner: Andrienne Desiderio

Hair Stylist: Chelsey Chen

Accessory Designer: Karaina Goulet

Colour Grade Artist: Nina Wolf

VFX | Action Camera | Transportation: Gabriel Kwok

Sound Mixer: Xinlan “Lili” Li

Boom Operator: Gabriel “Gabo” Saenz

Post Sound Mixer: Matthew “Matt” Stephanson

Post Sound Mixer: Enrique Lopez

Composer: Dave Leitao

Photographer: Karen Zapata

Student Photographer: Dan Xie

Special Thanks

Carlito Ghioni

Harry Kilas

Matthew “Matt” Stephenson

Jacob Iezzi

David Aquino

T.C. Brotherston

Terrell Wong

Greg Ollenberger

Triet Huynh & Kim Don

Behind the Scenes Content

Project Stills

Colour Grade by Nina Wolf

Before & After

Fun Fact! Due to a miscommunication with the previous costume designer and the changing weather,”Feral For Socks” had to re-shoot in March.

Behind the Scenes Photos

Photographed by Karen Zapata

Mandy "Mandie" Huynh

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Director Mandy “Mandie” Huynh will be graduating in May 2023 with a Bachelors of Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Being the second borne and 12-years younger than their brother, their dreams were not crushed by parental expectations. As such, they pursued a career in the Arts and Acting departments within the film industry.

Their interest lies with working with actors, whether as a 3rd assistant director, casting director, or puppeteering. They thrive off of tactile tasks and have a great passion for prop making, set designing, story-boarding.

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