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Duration: 7:47

Medium: Film

Role: Director, Editor, VFX artist, Sound design



A struggling electric unicycle rider training in an abandoned racetrack is hunted down by an ominous visitor.

Artist Statement

My focus is on creating visually captivating pieces that evoke excitement and energy through fast paced action, innovative editing, and a hands on approach to all aspects of production. I tend to stray away from deep and meaningful storytelling, in favour of fast and punchy action pieces, and/or physical comedy. Instead of relying on industry standards, I prefer to experiment with unconventional means of filmmaking. 

My latest project, a film about electric unicycles, was born from my passion for these devices, my desire to create a fun and visually striking short film involving them, and to introduce people to this emerging form of personal transportation. 

About the Production

I initially created most of the film’s shots in a 3D software called Blender, and edited them into a pre-visualization cut before shooting. As shooting happened, I’d fill in the 3D animated shots with the corresponding live action versions.

Film Stills

Production Stills

Pre-Visualization Renders


  • Writer & Director – Gabe Kwok
  • 1st AD – Hannah Chang
  • 2nd AD – Mandie Huynh
  • Stunt Coordinator – Jennifer Li
  • Camera Assistant – Jennifer Li
  • Associate Producer – Matthew McCormick
  • Director of Photography – Gabe Kwok
  • 3D Previs – Gabe Kwok
  • Editor – Gabe Kwok
  • Colourist – Hannah Chang
  • VFX – Gabe Kwok
  • Drone Operator – Gabe Kwok
  • Costume Designer – Gabe Kwok
  • Sound Design – Gabe Kwok
  • Sound Mix – Gabe Kwok

Special Thanks

  • Carlito Ghioni
  • Harry Killas
  • Matt Stephenson
  • Sean Arden
  • Peter Bussigel
  • Thomas Mai
  • Adrienne Desiderio
  • Peter & Winnie Kwok

Gabe Kwok

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Gabe Kwok is a Vancouver based filmmaker who specializes in editing, visual effects (VFX), and drone piloting. He has been interested in video editing since a young age, and will be graduating with a Bachelors of Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is also a self taught 3D artist who specializes in Blender, using his expertise to elevate his films.

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