Out of Control

Yichen Yao (Toby)


Director:Toby Yao

Year Completed: 2023

Country of production: Canada

Duration/TRT:  12m 12s  

Media: Short Film

Film genre: Sci-Fi

Film Synopsis: “Out of Control” is a short film exploring the impact of artificial intelligence technology on human psychology and emotions when we lose control of our lives. The film’s protagonist, Evan, is forced to confront the possibility that he may not be in control of his own destiny, highlighting the ethical and moral dangers posed by the development of AI.

Website: tobyyao.com

Contact & Distribution Information:

Contact: Yichen Yao (Toby)

Mailing address: 3705-6638 Dunblane ave

Email: nhgj2004@icloud.com

Cell: 250-893-1397

Film Credits:DirectorToby YaoActorsLiam RusselLauren OlsonStephen HuddlestoneDitto MengCinematographerToby YaoThomas MaiJustin MaoWarren TangLiao YiEditorToby YaoWarren TangLighting&GripToby YaoJustin MaoWarren TangSteven ZhangTheo ChenAssistant DirectorDitto MengJennifer LiYu FuArt DepartmentYanxiao LiJunying DongAssistant CinematographerCherry ChanSound DesignToby YaoBrendon HuorEmma ShangJennifer LIClean-Up and ColourToby YaoBoomChristopher YuenMakeupRachel MillarMusic Composer, Toby Yao, Emma ShangSpecial Thanks to CARLO GHIONI HARRY KILLAS JONATHAN TAMMUZ JENNIFER LIJunying DongFilmmaker’s Biography: Toby Yao is a highly skilled filmmaker who holds a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where he honed his technical expertise in film production, storytelling, and cinema history and theory. He has continued to pursue his passion for filmmaking, completing several short films independently and establishing himself as an all-around independent filmmaker.Toby’s expertise spans various areas of filmmaking, including film theory, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, sound design, and directing. He has also gained inspiration from other forms of art, such as photography, pottery, and mixed media in visual arts, which have been exhibited in both China and Canada.Based in Vancouver, Toby has worked with numerous local independent productions and has been teaching students the fundamentals of filmmaking. He is particularly skilled in directing and serving as the director of photography (DP), which enables him to capture stunning visuals and create compelling storytelling on screen. With his strong technical skills and artistic vision, Toby is a rising talent in the film industry and is poised to make a significant impact in the world of cinema.Artists Statement: Out of Control is a short film exploring the emotions we experience when we lose control of our lives due to artificial intelligence technology. As the creator of the concept, my goal is to delve into the ethics of AI development, technology’s role in society, and the human desire for freedom. Evan’s mysterious journey foretells a dystopian world where AI systems dominate people’s lives. The bold colors and anamorphic shots create emotional intensity and confusion, reflecting the psychological state of the film’s protagonists. This film reinforces the importance of protecting human autonomy and freedom.

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