Glimpse to the Other Side

Diane Blunt

How close are we to the other side of what we understand to be living? It is my belief that there is a continuum in a series of layers.  

This painting is about my story of a particular experience of seeing a glimpse of that continuum. While going to place my fathers’ ashes, exactly where he wished, we saw the area was being guarded by a snake. We did not know at the time, but in Ojibway oral histories, the snake is the creature that can transcend both worlds – the living and the other side. The snake was there to assure me that my father is just a breath away.

Diane Blunt

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Born in Quebec, raised in Ontario, and currently living in British Columbia, Diane Blunt is an artist of mixed descent – Anishnawbe (Ojibway) and German. She is a member of the Kawartha Nishnawbe Nation. Having completed her BFA in Visual Arts at Emily Carr University, the nature of her work explores the life, history, and bark of the birch tree through drawing, painting, and material practices.

Blunt’s work has been exhibited in festivals, galleries, and marketing campaigns. Highlights include the Talking Stick Festival, the Still Moon Arts Festival, and Luminescence at the Deer Lake Art Gallery.

In addition to her participation and curation in several shows in British Columbia, Blunt has been the recipient of multiple funding awards including the CIBC Foundation Award, the Brissenden Scholarship, the Ian Gillespie Aboriginal Scholarship, and the Jack and Doris Shadbolt Scholarship.

Most recently, she has joined the Studio 13 collective working on Granville Island, completed an Artist Residency – Digital Constellations at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, and is pending a thematic artist residency ‘i made it through the wilderness’ on Mnisiing/Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point during the summer of 2023!

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