Yanxiao Li

1:13min, Stop-Motion


This is a story of ritual and sacrifice. Discusses the submissiveness of people, the need for companionship, and apathy.

Artist Statement

I was inspired to by after watching two Japanese cult films. I was curious about the inner mind of people who join cults. The famous cult event People’s Temple explains a little bit of that. Jim Jones, the leader of the cult, draws people into submission by helping the weak. These weak people are given caring companionship with Jim. These are also everyone need. The cult takes advantage of this. I set my story in a deserted place where the character goes on a long journey and then finds a group of people who look exactly like him, and chooses to join even. This is the human herd mentality, and following the herd gives people a sense of security. Yet after the death of a character, everyone just looks at it for a moments, numbly.

Special Thanks

Chelsea Shen, the sound designer.

Yanxiao Li

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Yanxiao is a visual art student. Mostly doing painting and drawing. Stop-motion is something she has been interested in and decided to make it in her last semester.

She also do photography.