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Mirage is a project series revolved around the exploration of different inorganic materials portraying the intricateness of the beauty within the natural world. It is the challenger of what is being seen at first glance versus what is hidden within the layers of its mysterious essence. This project serves as an entrance into Mother Nature’s world for the viewer to be immersed in, while discovering aspects of it which spark the question of what is truly considered natural and what isn’t

Rachele Ama, Mirage, 2023, 36″ x 48″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Mirage 2023, Part 2

The artist intent and objective for this project series, is to play around the awareness of how human waste becomes part of the essence of nature once it has become resiliently challenging to decompose. Representing the capsule of a frozen moment in time where nature is being captured through the lens of how it could potentially exist and what it could become within the current times of our world or the creation of a new one.

Rachele Ama, Mirage, 2022, 36″ x 48″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Mirage 2022, Part 3

Rachele Ama, Mirage, 2022, 24″ x 24″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Fantasia, 2023

Detail Documentation of Work in Progress – Rachele Ama, Fantasia, 2023, 36″ x 48″ & 30″ x 40″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Nonna (Grandmother), 2022

Rachele Ama, Nonna (Grandmother), 2022, 20″ x 30″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Legami (Ties), 2022

“Legami” is a project based on the foundation of love, rediscovery, strength and magic. It unfolds the powerful layers of a mysterious yet beautiful journey inspired by the teachings of the writer Bernard Benson in the book “Il Cammino della Felicità” (The Journey Through Happiness) and the teachings of the artist’s mother struggling with diabetes since a very young age. It is the passage of time and the capsule of truth. In other words it’s a bond, formed by many bonds and created within the principles of the power of embracing change.

Rachele Ama, Legami (Ties), 2022, 24″ x 36″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Layers of Nature, 2021

‘Layers of Nature’ is a project based on the representation of rebirth, transformation and metamorphosis. It is a mixed media collage painting consisting of the incorporation of acrylic paint, ink, clear glue, glass, glitter and fake moss, combined together to form a magical and surreal reality. The overwhelming usage of the colour reflected by the shimmer of the glitter, represents hopeful and vibrant emotions, in contrast with the darkness of the ink paint which symbolizes a sense of mystery.

 ‘Layers of Nature’ addresses the creation of the unique representations of dreams, memories and daily life surroundings, altered and transformed by the visualization of the artist mind.

Rachele Ama, Layers of Nature 2021, 24″ x 36″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Layers of Nature 2021, Part 2

‘Layers of Nature’ is part of a series of works that mark the start of a personal journey progressing into a road full of beautiful and unpredictable discoveries. The goal is to transport the viewer along the ride, in order to discover new parts of oneself and a world looked at with different eyes.

Rachele Ama, Layers of Nature, 2021, 18″ x 24″ inches, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Digital Illustrations, 2023

Rachele Ama, Mermaid Love, 2023, Digital Illustration.
Rachele Ama, Fairy, 2023, Digital Illustration.

Other works

Rachele Ama, Untitled, 2022, Digital Illustration.
Rachele Ama, Toxic, 2021, Digital Illustration.

Rachele Ama

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Rachele Ogbunigwe (°2000, Padua, Italy) creates mixed media sculptural paintings revolving around the emphasis of mystical aesthetics while seducing the viewer into a world of ongoing natural essence. Her channelling equilibrium articulates the magical stream embedded within moments of life spent observing the wonders of Mother Nature. Gratifying momentums are depicted that only exist to accentuate concepts of re-birth, mystery and metamorphosis while finding poetic meaning in the observation of the small natural leaving things of the world.

By applying abstraction, she creates intense personal moments masterfully created in order to lure the viewer’s gaze with captivating boldness and ongoing inquisitiveness. Rachele’s practice is mostly based on the usage of various methods of collage and sculptural techniques by incorporating meticulously detailed and layered designs on top of one another. These materials are significantly relevant as they showcase the power of transforming such inorganic materials into harmonious organic looking works.

Rachele’s pantings rarely reference recognizable form. The results are deconstructed to shift a possible multifaceted interpretation. By contesting the division between the real of folklore and reality, her focus represents the journey of observation through the lens of what nature and its connections mean to the artist. Considering the love for things that most of the time pass for unobserved and being grateful for the glorious essence of Mother Nature. Her projects showcase the great value and power of the small creatures of the world while glorifying the beauty of their imperfections.

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