Sophia Zarders

Award Recipient

ECU Graduation Awards for Anti-Racism and Social Justice – Visual Arts

Duration: 5 minutes 11 seconds

Medium: Video

Watch this video installation in person at the Libby Leshgold Gallery, located at the 2nd floor entrance of Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Artist Statement

Skipper (2022) is a campy caricature of conservative, Christian American politics with heaping spoonfuls of horror, humor, and drag. Heed her cautionary prophecy… or burn in hell!!!!

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Sophia Zarders

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Sophia Zarders (she/they) is an illustrator, visual artist, and pop culture queen from Long Beach, California. Their professional career centers editorial, literary, political and educational illustration, as well as self-published zines and comics.

Their MFA thesis, Identisploitation, explores the intersections of identity, humor, style, and social critique through video, figurative work, and garments. Sophia’s studio practice and research into pop culture, politics, and history is framed by their critical lens as a mixed race Black femme from the United States.

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