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WallO is a mobile storing furniture that tackles the insecurity of using traditional storage furniture, as they might tip over and fall during moving or everyday use.

WallO is an explorational design that considers human interactions with living spaces.

Rolling Storage

It is designed to be rolled around to different locations within an interior space, particularly useful within a workplace, studio, or living space. The furniture can be flipped upwards to function as a table, increasing its usefulness and versatility. Not only does Wallo provide a sense of playfulness and security for users, but it also enhances the living quality as a frequent mover, addressing 5 aspects: mobility, multi-purpose, tidiness, safety, and accessibility. With its mobile characteristics, Wallo allows its user to organize and store their belongings efficiently, without worrying them from spilling over.

This exploration of the storage system opens up a new pathway for people who are looking for more efficient and convenient storage solutions.

Sarah Wu

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Sarah is a Canadian/Taiwanese industrial designer, graduated from Emily Carr University. She likes to live in the moment and is in tune with her observant nature, especially interested in object movements, and mechanisms. Sarah is passionate about finding inspiration in the simplicity of form and shapes, to create objects that can integrate, and solve problems for everyday living.

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