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Acrylic on Canvas, 2023.

By. Jessica Liu

This acrylic on canvas painting is part of my “Beyond Instinct,” collection of acrylic paintings that explores the transformation of animals in modern society. Through this series, I image a world in which animals have evolved beyond their natual instincts, breaking free from their trantionsal depictions and embracing new ways of seeing them.

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Jessica Liu

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Jessica Liu is an emerging artist based in Vancouver. She has always been passionate about art and the natural world. She began her career at 14 by selling her art on Deviantart and has since evolved to creating custom paintings for various clients for their condos and offices. Specializing in acrylics, her artwork is characterized by its distorted surrealist depictions of animals, each with a unique meaning and story. She is particularly interested in challenging stereotypes and prejudices by depicting animals in a way that breaks away from traditional representations.

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