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Hello, I’m Si Rui

Thanks for stopping by!

I like doodling and I’ve just recently started this project so I’m super stoked that your here!

Our story’s end led to a new beginning…

This is the journey for the remnants of civilization…

Where have they gone?

Project: Travel is something I came up with when I felt I hit a roadblock in my last year of University.

It has never been easy pursuing this career and I needed something to keep me at it.

This project was a series of coincidences that sort of just… worked out.

For the first time in years, I enjoyed making something and I’m thankful for that.

Thank you for visiting, it means a lot to me.

Si Rui Dong

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Si Rui is a illustrator currently based in Langley. He started drawing near the end of highschool and fell in love with it. His paintings tend to take form as calming landscapes that utilizes bright colours to create form and depth. He also started playing with narratives and storytelling in his images to create more defined worlds. The current theme he’s working with is the idea of the post-human. What happens to our world when humans leave?

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