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I want to be very successful as an illustrator, so please, anyone, give me a job. 🙂

I specialized in illustration at Emily Carr University and have developed a habit of looking at the finer details of things, and I remember that I was admitted to the world-renowned university of arts with a ratio of over six to one is something I will be proud of for the rest of my life.

My career as an illustrator is about to begin. At present, around 10 May 2023, when my graduation ceremony is due to take place, AI is developing at a rapid pace. While some people say that artists will be eliminated by AI, and there are signs of this happening in the illustration community, I believe that artists and AI will co-exist in harmony.
I believe that with ideas, humanity will never be defeated by AI.




1. “Never End” (2023 May)

“Never End” (Clip Studio Paint)

The drawing is inspired by the image of travelers wandering through a desert in ruins after the fall of civilization.
The girl’s eyes are about to move from the desert to the sky. The perspective shifts from the desolate desert land where civilization once existed to an even bigger place. I am currently in a transitional period in my life and wanted to draw a picture that symbolizes my current state of mind as I am on my journey. Meanwhile, the old man searches for traces of the past in the earth. This journey symbolizes a never-ending artistic pilgrimage.
The world after the decline of humanity, as in this picture, is known as a ‘post-apocalypse’ concept, though, I did several drawings in this series during my studies and the one I submitted for the entrance exam also showed the two of them in the desert, where spirits from the days of civilization interact with each other.
I drafted this drawing last year when I took the ILUS-400 class, and I am very grateful to my teacher Jeremy for his help. I would like to pass on my acknowledgements.

「ネバーエンド」(Clip Studio Paint)

2. “The Blue Hood to The Red Hood -Open End-” (2023 May)

“The Blue Hood to The Red Hood -Open End-” (Clip Studio Paint)

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘blue’? The sky? The sea? I like the color blue. It means intelligence and reason. So what do you think of when you hear the word ‘red’? Some might think of fire, or even blood.
In Tarot cards, ‘sun’ means ‘future’, ‘future success’ and ‘honor and admiration’, while ‘moon’ means ‘instability’, ‘illusion’ and ‘potential danger’.
(Incidentally, the bodies of the sun and moon in this picture are the same size. The sun appears smaller because of the rays of light. ) It would be nice if this kind of play could be included in the illustrations I draw in the future.
The story of the Red Hood as you know it is known as the Grimm’s Fairy Tale, but it is said to have been an even more tragic tale before it was compiled. The story has been reshaped to fit the times, but if a modern version of the Red Riding Hood were to exist, would she be able to achieve a truly happy ending?
My depiction of the Blue Riding Hood is trying to fight against ‘someone’ with a gun. Unfortunately, there are still situations in the world in which intelligent people are subjected to bloodletting.
The ending of a story, which can be interpreted in many different ways, is called an ‘open ending’. I would like to leave this work to the interpretation of the viewer in the form of an ‘open ending’.

「青頭巾から赤頭巾へ -オープンエンド- 」(Clip Studio Paint)

3. “Veggie Kingdom vs Fruits Kingdom” (2023 May)

“Veggie Kingdom vs Fruits Kingdom” (Clip Studio Paint)

What is your dinner tonight? How about your breakfast tomorrow? Humanity is currently facing difficulties due to the food crisis caused by rising prices.
In the future, there will be only a limited amount of food available in the world. When you go to the supermarket in search of fresh, nutritious food, there will be a battle going on in your mind – what to buy? It is up to you to choose the winner.

「野菜王国 vs 果物王国」(Clip Studio Paint)

-My Favorite Works at ECU-

4. “Mythical Zebroid, or Hippo-chimera” (2016 Dec)

“Mythical Zebroid, or Hippo-chimera”
(oil clay, wire, acrylic paint and resin)

Unicorn is a horse with a single horn and can recognize virgins. Pegasus is a horse with wings and can fly freely in the sky. Sleipnir is a horse with eight legs, ridden by Odin, the main god of Norse mythology, and can run very fast. They were combined and made into a zebra pattern.
It is a mythical creature I created, and in my story, this creature was staying in a world and fought against an ancient warrior. The ancient warriors took the creature’s penis to use as medicine, and humanity multiplied and reproduced, but at the cost of being deprived of reason and the humans living in that world became stupid.
I am very grateful to the Professor Rozita for her encouragement and energetic help. I would like to pass on my acknowledgements.


5. “A Happy Girl -Who Wants to Marry with Ice Cream-” (2016 Sept)

“A Happy Girl -Who Wants to Marry with Ice Cream-” (Tablet PC, Clip Studio)

I draw a girl who loves ice cream so much that the girl who wants to marry ice cream. I loved the technique of Alphonse-Maria Mucha, and when I was in Japan I bought his art books and went to his exhibitions and was amazed by his exquisite reproductions. I realized that Mucha’s technique of collecting and showing the most beautiful direction for a poster had been done before Picasso’s cubism. Many Japanese people like his posters and I love his paintings, so I will continue to practice and master the technique until it becomes completely my own.

「アイスクリームと結婚したい幸せな女の子」 (タブレットPC, クリップスタジオ)


6. “Pilgrims -The Time Remains-” (2017 Jan)

“Pilgrims -The Time Remains-“(Watercolor)

Part of the story ‘The Old Philosopher and the Girl’, which was drawn as a graduation project in #1.

「巡礼 -残された時間- 」(水彩絵の具)


7. “Aikido Movement” (2016 Dec)

“Aikido Movement”(Watercolor)

I think the movements of aikido are very beautiful.



8. “Sephiroth -The Tree of Life-” (2017 Mar)

“Sephiroth -The Tree of Life-“(Watercolor)

Have you ever watched the anime Evangelion? Or played the game Final Fantasy 7? Or are you very familiar with tarot cards? When I drew this picture, I asked my classmates the above questions: in a class of about 15 people, more than half of the class had seen Eva, two or three had played FF7, and zero were familiar with tarot cards. This picture is called the Tree of Life, a concept that is familiar to those who know the Jewish Kabbalah.
The Tree of Life shows the relationships between aspects of the world and is sometimes used as a symbol in recent cartoons and games.


あなたはエヴァンゲリオンというアニメを見た事がありますか?あるいは、Final Fantasy 7というゲームをプレイした事がありますか?あるいは、タロットカードにとても詳しいですか?私はこの絵を描いた時、クラスメイトに上記の質問をしました。15人程のクラスでエヴァを見た事があるのはクラスの半数以上、FF7をプレイした事あるのは2~3人、タロットカードに詳しい人はゼロでした。この絵は「生命の樹」といい、ユダヤ教のカバラを知る人は詳しく知っている概念です。

9. “Foods”(2019 Apr)

“Foods”(Oil Paint)

I was allowed to paint whatever I wanted in my oil painting class, and I often painted pictures of my meals, mainly. From left to right: spinach with sesame seeds (Kamei Baru), hot dog (Japadog) and tantanmen (Ebisu). Although not shown here, I believe there also were pizza and bagels.


私は油絵の授業で好きな物を描いて良いと言われ、主に私の食事の絵をよく描いていました。左から「法蓮草の胡麻和え(Kamei Baru)」「ホットドッグ(Japadog)」「担々麺(Ebisu)」です。ここにはありませんが、ピザやベーグルもあったと思います。

10. “Twilight” (2017 Feb)

“Twilight” (Acrylic Paint)

When I was working on this painting, I was searching for a way to portray the eerie and the mysterious at the same time.



11. “Granville Island Geese” (2016 June)

“Granville Island Geese” (Photograph)

Until a few years ago, ECU’s campus had existed on Granville Island, and many geese were on the way to school. When I was a first year university student, I had a photography class and I took pictures of all sorts of things, and I took a lot of pictures outside of class because the geese and their parents were so cute.


つい数年前までECUのキャンパスはGranville Islandに存在していたのですが、沢山のガチョウが通学路にいました。大学1年生の時は写真のクラスがあり、様々な物を撮っていたのですが、ガチョウの親子がとても可愛いので授業外でも写真を沢山撮っていました。

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work until the end. Please also take a look at my profile displayed below this. Hope to see you somewhere 🙂

最後まで私の作品を見てくれてありがとうございます。この下に表示されている私のプロフィールも見ていって下さい。またどこかでお会いしましょう 🙂

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Hidenori Goto is a Japanese illustrator who graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in November, 2022, where he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts as an Illustration major.

While he loved the posters Alfons Maria Mucha painted and studied them during his studies, he is also very fond of drawing and photographing everyday foods (ramen, sushi, curry and rice, etc.) and continues to take photos of his daily meals without missing a single day. He often draw with a tablet, but he is also very good at making statues with oil clay. As far as drawing is concerned, his specialities are lyrical, mystical and funny objects.

He graduated from university in Japan with a degree in landscape architecture, came to Canada to study science at Simon Fraser University and then came to Emily Carr University because of his fascination with drawing, including the human body at the time with Life Drawing club. He ran Life Drawing Sessions at the Emily Carr Student Union for three years.

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