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A lettering kit made for multilingual designers and letterers.



When you speak two [or more] languages but start losing vocabulary in both of them.

Multilingual Lettering Kit

This project is dedicated to all the multilingual designers and letterers.

It is an invitation to explore multilingualism through the hands-on process of lettering that can easily be applied across multiple languages and writing systems.

I hope this kit inspires creatives from all backgrounds to reconnect with the languages they know and create opportunities to showcase diversity in typographic design.

Inside the Kit: Mini Workshops

The kit contains 3 mini lettering workshops, each with its own approach to creating letterforms.


Develop letterforms based on a predetermined set of shapes that can be applied to any language or script.


Using food as the subject, the challenge is to create letterforms inspired by the qualities of various food items from different cultures.


Mix and match the deconstructed characters to create new and interesting letterforms.

Developing the Kit: Prototypes

Creating a lettering kit requires a lot of iteration and prototyping.
Below is a selection of some of the prompts, activities, and workshops that I have done over the year.

Design with Food

2-Day Food and lettering workshop
in collaboration with Aily Nishioka

Conversations around food-making, language, and culture.

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Hi! I’m Clara, and I am a Filipino-Chinese designer currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

My design practice involves working with a range of media, from more traditional printmaking practices to animated motion graphics.

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