Kristina (Tia) Salchenberger


In the beginning, there was nothing but possibilities in the universe. Five possibilities emerged to create the first archons who worked together to protect the creation of life. When one archon becomes jealous it suddenly upsets the balance.

Project Stills

Archons Trailer (2023)

Artist Statement

As a Metis-Canadian, I have a deep passion for underappreciated or lost culture, in fact, the representation of Indigenous culture in mainstream media is lacking. My short film ‘Archons’ is a passion project about my adventure through discovering my heritage and what that means to me. This original creation story also explores the relationship between the earth, animals and humans. I want this film to showcase my culture in a way that is palpable and engaging for everyone to enjoy. It excites me to think people could learn from this story and use it as inspiration through life.

Archons Film (2023)

Film Credits

Director: Kristina (Tia) Salchenberger

Composer: Karen Sunabacka

Music: Excerpts from Never to Return

Orchestra: Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: James Sommerville

Violin Soloist: Karl Stobbe

Recording: Nov. 27, 2013 at the Premiere Performance

Commissioned By: Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with support from the Manitoba Arts Council

Sound Mix By: Matt Stephanson

Narration: Nevada Lynn

Special Thanks to

My family and friends

All ECUAD professors and studio technicians, especially:

Leslie Bishko, Ruben Moller, Martin Rose, Darren Brereton and Matt Stephanson

The 2DAN-410 graduation class of 2023

Kristina (Tia) Salchenberger

Kristina (Tia) Salchenberger is a Vancouver-based 2-D animator and illustrator. After graduating from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts) with a 2-D animation diploma in 2020, she completed her Bachelor’s of Media Arts degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) in 2023 and is set to achieve her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 2025. In 2019, she was awarded the First Nations Dean Sam Award for Excellence in Art. She has produced three short films including her Vanarts graduation film ‘Treasure’ (2020), her ECUAD junior film ‘Archons: Intro’ (2022) and her ECUAD graduation film ‘Archons’ (2023).

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